LeaksXperts is South Florida’s favorite family-owned leak detection and repair professionals, serving residential, commercial, and institutional customers in need of immediate, urgent leak location and repair services. 

At LeaksXperts, we offer a variety of fast and accurate leak detection and repair services to save you time, aggravation, and money.


Backyard swimming pools can often spring a leak, especially if they are older, have prolonged exposure to severe elements, or are surrounded by damp ground with poor drainage. 

Our teams of quick-response experts will be dispatched to your home so we can locate the source of your leak and make the necessary repairs.

Sources of residential leaks typically include moisture from unknown sources, spa leaks, structural damage, hidden wall leaks, concealed plumbing system problems, water service line leaks, and more.

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Pools and spas located at hotels, resorts, and clubs are in constant use. So it’s often difficult to tell if sudden changes in water levels are due to normal use by guests or an actual water leak. 

At LeaksXperts, our experienced leak detection professionals can quickly tell if your commercial pool or spa is leaking water. Then we can make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible so you can minimize inconvenience to your guests.

Quick-Response Teams

Wherever your leak is located, the professionals at LeaksXperts are ready to identify, locate and repair the leak at its source, minimizing damage and controlling its spread.

When it comes to water leaks, time is money. If you suspect a leak, call the local professionals at LeaksXperts immediately. We will dispatch one of our quick response teams to your property for immediate service.

Call us: (561) 961-8387

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