Residential Pool Leak Detection

In South Florida, practically every home, condo development, or apartment complex has at least one pool. With our high temperatures and humidity, having a pool isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!

But a water leak in a backyard swimming pool or spa can quickly spread, affecting other areas of your property including your home’s foundation. Left unchecked, a small leak can quickly grow bigger and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property.

Underwater Repairs – Residential Pool Leak Detection

With residential pools, the source of the leak is located underwater. But draining a pool can be time-consuming as well as inconvenient. That’s why in most suspected underwater leaks, we’re going in!

If we suspect your leak is on the bottom, walls, or other submerged areas of your pool or spa, we will don our scuba gear so we can take a closer look. Then we will determine the best approach to repairing the leak to minimize cost and disruption.

residential pool leak detection

Other Repairs

A lot of the time, minor leaks are just the symptom of a more serious problem. Our experienced, reliable pool repair experts can recommend other repairs or upgrades to maximize efficiency and prevent future leaks and other problems. These may include things like return line repairs, grout joint repairs, skimmer replacements, or minor pool restoration, depending on your unique circumstances.

Unlike some of our high-pressure competitors, at LeaksXperts we will never try to upsell you or suggest unnecessary repairs. Instead, we will show you exactly where and what the problem is and make honest recommendations for addressing it.

We give it to you straight, offering realistic solutions to genuine problems. Then we make the repairs right then and there so you and your family can enjoy your pool’s normal activity as quickly as possible.

Time Is Money

When it comes to residential pool leaks, time is money. The longer you wait to address a suspected leak, the worse it can get, the more damage it can cause, and the more it’s going to cost you to repair it.

If you think you might have a leak, don’t waste another minute. Call the local leak repair professionals at LeaksXperts.

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